What is HospitalSmart?

As the largest component of health care in West Virginia, hospitals are leaders in keeping people healthy through a variety of initiatives and a strong commitment in helping consumers understand their health care services. With this commitment in mind, HospitalSmart is designed as a tool to be used to help consumers explore West Virginia hospital services, the quality of care delivered and how hospitals create value for the communities they serve. By empowering individuals with information about our hospitals, HospitalSmart encourages West Virginians to Live Healthy, Live Smart.

Learn more about hospitals near you

Continuing the mission of making West Virginians healthier, HospitalSmart will work to improve an individual’s knowledge about hospitals across the Mountain State. It includes information regarding a hospital’s services, quality of care delivered, available career opportunities, and health and wellness events. As a consumer, the more information you have about your health care, the better decisions you can make.

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Find out information to improve your health

West Virginia hospitals focus on preventative care to address future illness and improve quality of life by offering proactive events each week across the state to advance health and wellness. The only site in West Virginia that has all of this information in one place – HospitalSmart can help build a healthier you.

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Explore careers

Are you a valued health care worker looking for employment? HospitalSmart can help you navigate through the many job openings in the area you live or in other parts of the state. Or maybe you are just beginning the journey of what you want to do with your life – HospitalSmart can help you learn more about the endless opportunities in health care. Be inspired to explore a career in health care today with HospitalSmart.

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