School Overview

Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College provides accessible, affordable, quality education and training that promote success for those we serve. The faculty and staff at Southern are focused on student success. Classes and support services are designed to help students meet their academic, professional, and personal objectives. This focus on students means that Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College is an ideal place for all types of people – those starting college directly from high school or those entering college after many years away from an academic setting. Our student body comes from a wide variety of backgrounds, whether traditional students, single mothers, veterans, disabled students, unemployed adults, or folks simply wanting a change after years on the job. The range of student experiences brings a richness to the campus culture and classroom dynamic. Whatever your situation, we are here to assist you in getting started, making sure you feel welcome, and guiding you all the way to graduation and beyond.

School Type

Community College

Careers Available

Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologist

Medical Equipment Preparer

Medical Records and Health Information Technician

Radiologic Technologist

Registered Nurse (RN)

Respiratory Therapist

Surgical Technologist